POP Gods (formerly known as Now That's Live) are one of the most Versatile POP Wedding Bands Ireland has on offer, who specialise in a one of a kind performance for their audience, making each and every single gig a personal experience, tailored to your and your party crowd’s preferences.

Should you be looking for a band similar to Smash Hits or Spring Break then this act will bring the Perfect Wedding Music atmosphere to the occasion. A night filled with laughter – a continuously packed dance floor and fun sing-alongs to your favourite 80s & 90s hits is a given!

This energetic Party and Wedding 5-Piece has been dubbed the most exciting new entertainment group on the circuit, renowned for keeping an audience on its feet from start to finish.

The lively LIVE Wedding Band play all the floor fillers from the 1980s right up to the latest releases, to suit every single one of the attendees to your event.

POP Gods' set is made up of high energy medleys all rolled into a seamless show!

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